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As a kid, growing up in Zemun, Serbia, I always enjoyed taking photos of family vacations. I still remember the excitement of picking up developed photos and thinking, “I can’t wait to show everybody!”

My excitement probably comes from family members who work(ed) in media. I was exposed to behind-the-scenes of television shows, magazine production and photography. Needless to say, I had access to some pretty awesome stuff.

My true love for photography, however, started in college. I majored in journalism but took several photography courses as electives. I was immediately hooked. In 2005, I earned a master’s degree in photojournalism from Boston University. After graduation, I worked as a staff photographer for a daily newspaper in Georgia. My work has been published in various newspapers and my art has been exhibited locally.

I currently enjoy teaching mass communications and photography at a local liberal arts college.

I love teaching and I also love photographing people and documenting their lives. This is where my photojournalism skills come in handy. After years of experience and nudging from family and friends, I decided to launch my own photography business. I want to deliver lifestyle photography sessions to my community and those who would like something a bit different. In addition to lifestyle sessions, I want to share with you all things photography. You can read about these on my blog.

Take a tour of the website and contact me when you are ready for something different.

Let me document the story of your life!


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